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Husbands for Hire Crew

James A. Cupp Jr., Owner/Operator of Husbands for Hire Construction, started this business in 1997 with a simple philosophy: to provide quality work that people in South Louisiana can afford. With so many working families, now a days, he figured people could use an extra husband around to get things done. Someone, reliable and knowledgible who would care enough about the project to do it the right way. Since then, James and his team have really fixed this place up, and made lots of hard working families proud to call it home again. So, whether it’s a small home improvement project or a significant new construction job, the Husbands For Hire strive to keep it cost efficient and get it completed on schedule the first time. This experienced team has a variety of skills and can work with your plans and designer, or help you get the look and quality you want on your own. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction on every job, because they know you’re counting on them to build it as if it was their own project. Call the Husbands for Hire Construction where there’s ”no job too BIG or small.”


Looking for help with home improvements, like adding an addition or building in a deck? For residential remodeling, light commercial construction, or any significant construction needs, Husbands for Hire Construction is your dependable and affordable solution. Over the years, we’ve accumulated the knowledge and experience, along with the tools, to provide most construction services homeowners and small business owners need. Our Crew is very knowledgeable in most areas of construction and remodeling, and we excel in most home repair needs including: Carpentry, Framing, Flooring, Fencing, Decks, Plumbing and Electric, termite damage repair, soffets and facia repair, sheetrock repair, water and wind damage, and more. Even if you don’t see your construction project listed here, call us for a quote on what you need.

State Licensed Residential & Commercial Contractor

Husbands for Hire Construction is State Licensed as: Handyman Contractor, Residential Building Contractor, Commercial Building Contractor, Mechanical and Gas Contractor, and also maintains a Master Plumbers license.

Louisiana State Licensed Residential Building Contractor
License #880337

Commercial Building Contractor
License #52722

“Gas & A/C” Contractor
License #52722

Master Plumber
License #6073

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